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Our Process vs. Theirs

Alamo Fire and Water Restoration has developed the AQUA System: an affordable and effective method for identifying, testing, containing, cleaning, treating, and preventing the growth of mold indoors (household mold). The system implements our process, experience and proven products. Here is a basic outline of that system:

1. Identification

    A. Pre-inspection.

    This is the first stage in household mold or commercial mold removal. Since all mold is related to Water Intrusion of one type or another (i.e. Plumbing Leaks, Roof Leaks,  Inefficient Air Conditioning) we provide a Water Intrusion Inspection of potential water intrusion sources that are somemetimes unknown or unseen by our clients.

    B. If potential Mold is identified.

 A Licensed Mold Consultant is scheduled to provide testing for mold spores, looking for the types of mold and provide a full report. If the testing confirms the presence of Toxic Mold, the Consultant can prepare a protocol for the repairs if necessary. According to State Legislation a Protocol must be prepared if the affected area is greater than 25 Contiguous feet.

2. Containment

     A. Limited affected area. - Before the Mold Spores can be removed it is important to protect the inhabitants as well as prevent further contamination to the entire dwelling. In an effort to provide these two services we build a plastic enclosure of the affected area. This allows our clients to continue to inhabit the uncontaminated areas of the home and avoid the house mold.

     B. Entire building -   If the entire home or building is affected we have an optional process that allows us to fog the entire structure to provide temporary relief ( 5.5 Months) (THE FACILITY IS TESTED 4 HOURS AFTER TREATMENT AND ONCE TESTS SHOW THAT AIR QUALITY IS ACCEPTABLE OCCUPATION OF THE BUILDING IS ALLOWED.)  This is a temporary solution and is not intended to cure the problem but has proven invaluable in large schools or buildings and some homes where the client has decided closing of a facilty or home is not feasable. This process has also been utilized  by homeowners who chose not to relocate. This saves our clients money and allows continued inhabitation and use of their property.

3. Mold Remediation. 

    With occupants and building protected we attack the root of the problem as outlined in the Protocol. This may require the removal of damaged building materials, repair of water intrusion sources and cleaning of Air Conditioning ducts and systems.

This is usually where most Mold Remediation personnel stop.

The AQUA System further protects our clients by preventing future Mold problems and providing Transferable warranties for treated areas and structure.  This is often used for the resale of property  as it provides peace of mind to the purchaser. Read more to find out how we provide this invaluable service to our clients as we are not aware of any other Mold Remediation Contractor or Company that offers their clients these warranties

4. Home systems improvement

     A. HVAC - Unfortunately many problems associated with Air Conditioning systems are prevalent in commercial and residential homes. The use of inappropriate filters or filter trays contributes largely to these situations. Faulty systems such as damaged ductwork along with mechanically inefficient sizing of the unit itself can contribute immensely to your indoor air quality problem. We have qualified personnel review your HVAC system and recommend improvements such HEPA filter bases, UV light sources and duct cleaning to improve your situation both now and in the future.

     B. Construction - Many other building systems factor into your situation. Insulation, plumbing, roofing, foundations, drainage problems and high humidity can all cause Mold problems.

 5 Warranties

      A. Fogging- We offer a warranty that the area fogged will pass an Air Clearance Test (certain conditions apply) a mere four hours after treatment or that treatment will be reapplied again until it does.

     B. Microbial Barrier- The application of the microbial barriers allows for up to a 12 year limited warranty on treated building materials...

          1. Existing structure - During remediation wall cavities or ceiling are often left open. We treat these cavities with a microbial barrier-( not a paint) that will penetrate up to 3/8 inches into the building materials to create a true microbial barrier. 

          2. Many new home builders and buyers are taking advantage of our Microbial barriers. We apply our system to the bare frame of a home or building during the construction process. This enables the home builder to be free from problems associated from mold after the building has been completed. Since the home is normally constructed and rained on before it can be closed in, this is a real benefit to the builder and creates peace of mind for the home purchaser. The warranty on this treatment is transferable.

 6.  Air Quality Maintenance Program

Many people suffer from the Molds and Allergens that naturally float around our air. What might not bother one person may seriously effect the other. In the last 50 years or so asthma and other respiratory issues have come to the forefront.

It is our opinion that many of the problems people are sufferring from have a lot to do with our homes and cooling systems. We value our homes by how energy efficient they are. Unfortunately, the downside of this is that our homes do not allow air exchanges with outdoor air and therefore trap Mold and their Mycotoxins. We believe that maintaining the air quality in our home is a maintenance issue much like pest control and dental hygiene. We believe that by fogging your home every six months, you will enjoy the benefits of a healthier interior space. We have developed a maintenance program that allows for automatically scheduled treatments of your indoor air at a discounted rate. Please ask us about our program or follow the link in our site for more information on our affordable maintenance programs.

Making your environment clean and safe.

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